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5 Ways To Use Up Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate

Easter mum hacks school holidays

It may be a little premature to be calling it "leftover" chocolate, but there's certainly an excess of chocolate in our house at the moment. I wanted to find some ways to use it up without adding in extra sugar or taking up too much time.


Little girl eating large easter egg | Ponytails and Fairytales

1. Chocolate Mousse: this recipe has NO extra sugar added. It's really tasty, and (perhaps it was my beating) it turned out a little like a cheesecake - so we added a Scotch Finger biscuit to the bowl for our own take on a cheesecake!

Chocolate mousse - use leftover easter egg chocolate

2. 2 Ingredient Coconut Roughs: Can it get much simpler?!

Chocolate rough using leftover easter egg chocolate


3. 3 Ingredient Chocolate Crackle Nests: just add easter eggs to the top of your chocolate crackle mix.

chocolate crackle nests - using leftover easter egg chocolate


4. Choc-Dipped Strawberries: It's healthier if there's fruit AND chocolate, right?

Chocolate coated strawberry - use leftover easter egg chocolate


5. Caramel Shortbread: We love mum's old recipe, but we're big fans of the cheat's way...

Store-bought shortcut pastry cases + Nestle Top 'n Fill Caramel + and melted easter egg chocolate on top! It really can't get much easier than this!


What other creations have you come up with for your leftover Easter Chocolate? Tell us in the comments below.

- Nicola @ School Ponytails

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