7 Reasons Why Fundraising With Bows Makes Sense

7 Reasons Why Fundraising With Bows Makes Sense

We've all been there - a great fundraising idea pops in to your head, but it's just all TOO HARD to execute.

If only there was an option where all the hard work was done for you, and all you were really required to do was pop a few posts on Facebook, and hand out some stock...

This is what we offer at School Ponytails

This is Fundraise with Bows

It's easy and it's obvious. It integrates in to your school calendar and school's needs seamlessly.

My company does this for schools nationally every day, and sends a whopping 20% back to them.


1. Leverages on existing activities

Back To School, Sports Carnival, Kindy Orientation, School Photo Day, and other events are great examples where your uniform and uniform colours are required. Parents are already buying from the big box stores, and frustrated when they can't find your colours.

School bows and sports products in your uniform colours are wanted items.

2. Reminds parents to stay organised

Sending out a reminder a few times each term about uniform requirements and changes of season encourages parents to think about what they need ahead of time. When they can order from the comfort of their own home, they are more likely act straight away!

3. Encourages parents to think about your uniform policy

Schools spend a lot of hours policing their uniform policies, and rightly so. Casual and regular reminders about uniform requirements each term solidifies your stance on the policies, and encourages parents to adhere to them throughout the year.

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4. Easy for all shopping styles

Parents can shop "old school" (via a printed Order Form) or online (via your school's link). 

They can get it now, with shipping fees, or we can arrange to deliver to school.

5. NO Out-of-Pocket expense

Parents are pre-ordering products, and paying for them on purchase, so there is no expense for the P&C or school - just profit!

6. Low effort for volunteers

Apart from some promotion on social media and mentions in the newsletter/around school, there's very little commitment of time from the P&C or volunteers. 

7. Small Commitment = Big Gain

Online orders average almost $35 each, which is a return of about $6.35 each!

That's a strong return on investment for some facebook posts, newsletter mentions, and a link on your website!

These same items complement and support your uniform policy, so you'll be supporting the school in more ways than one! 


If you're excited to get started, email us or request an Info Pack. I can't wait to hear from you.


- Nicola @ School Ponytails

Last updated May 2023
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