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F R E E School Holiday Planner from School Ponytails

free printable planner school holidays

School holidays are great. But they're also a lot of work. I don't know about you, but my laundry pile seems to triple in size when the school kids are home every day. #MumLife

In an attempt to keep some semblance of order in our house, and give the kids some control over how the house runs, we've been asking for input on some of the basics. These holidays, we've created a School Holiday Planner, so that we can keep on top of life!

School Holiday Plans

Plan a week at a time with the School Holidays Weekly Planner

If the kids have a specific list of things they'd like to do, we're noting them down each week, so that the next time the inevitable "what should we do today" conversation pops up, we have a stack of ideas!

School Holiday Meals

School Holiday Meals by School Ponytails

I don't know about you, but my kids don't always want to eat what I make them... These holidays, we're giving them the chance to have some input! On the plus side, if they tell us they don't want to eat it, I'll now be prepared to tell them that they asked for it!

School Holiday Star Chart

Get your free School Holiday Star Chart from School Ponytails

Our kids have a drive to get "star points" at school, and are very proud to say when they get them, and when their next certificate has been earnt. We're continuing this on at home these holidays with a Holiday Star Chart! Our plans are to award a bigger event (i.e. probably one that costs money!) in return for star points which are earned for day-to-day tasks. Fingers crossed, we get some good habits out of it!

School Holiday Journal 

School Holiday Journal by School Ponytails

There's something special about reflecting on your day and showing gratitude for the great things in your life. By encouraging our kids to think about their day, we can help them manage the emotions (and calm down too!) and encourage them to appreciate the little things.


There's also a handy calendar showing the full school holiday period, for those days when you don't know what day or week it is!

Download your free School Holiday Planner here.

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I really hope your enjoy your Christmas holiday break, and that taking a few moments to plan helps smooth out the craziness of the period!


- Nicola

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