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How to run a "5c Friday" Fundraiser!

5c Friday fundraising school uniform

This is such a simple fundraising idea that kids can get excited over - and provides motivation for the kids to vacuum under the couch or clean the car! Now THAT is a win-win-WIN!

The fundraiser that requires little effort from you!

    • You'll need a target - what are you raising funds for, and what amount is required?
    • You'll need to set a timeframe, which is probably dependent on your school's size.
    • You'll need a poster and to promote the event (e.g. on your school's Facebook page or newsletter).
    • You'll need jars to collect the coins. Clean 3L milk cartons work well, and they have handle!
    • You'll need a competition chart with each class' total, and to update the community each week with the totals. 
    • You'll need a prize.
    • Be sure to share photos of your purchase at the end of the event, and thank your community for their support!

Our top tips include:

  1. Weighing the jar/container at school to ascertain the winner is easier than hand counting all of the coins. Perhaps you could ask your friendly local bank manager if they can count the coins for you to find out how much you've made!?
  2. Ensure the jars are locked away each night, and count the jars weekly to  minimise the risk.
  3. A great - and healthy alternative - weekly class prize could be frozen yoghurts, which can be picked up from the supermarket for about $0.45-$0.75 each, depending on the packaging size! 



  • "Silver September" for anything silver, and a set time frame.
  • "Loose Change Challenge" for all loose coins!
  • A jar is decorated at school and sent home with the prompt to collect 5c coins at home from family members over a week.

To find out more on running this type of event, read this post by, or google "5c fundraising".

Looking for more easy ideas?

Ponytails and Fairytales can help you with fundraising too, whether it's in school uniform coloured hair accessories, or even faction colours, or something custom made for the choir!

Fundraise with Ponytails and Fairytales' uniform coloured hair accessories for your schol

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more free fundraising ideas like these!

Have a great day - and best of luck with your own 5c Friday event!


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Who are we?

We are Ponytails and Fairytales: we supply quality and affordable hair accessories in YOUR school uniform colours, including your faction and team colours, across wholesale and retail orders. 
There's always the cute and fun stuff for after school, and last minute birthday presents and gift boxes!

THE BEST BIT: your school partners with us to fundraise, and we supply your custom colours, ready for sale! 

Whether the motivation is in supporting the uniform policy, or purely as a fundraising avenue, we're here to help unify your look!


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