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No Risk Fundraising at School

fundraising P&C school uniform

School fundraisers are notorious for being hard work.

The thing is: they can be time-consuming, and often cost a lot more than the profits they make, which goes against everything they set out to be.

    There has to be an easier way to achieve the P&C's fundraising goal?!

    Put simply: there is! 

    It's a no-brainer, super simple, "hardly-need-to-lift-a-finger" fundraising option.

    No Cost, No Risk Fundraising for Schools

    The Solution: School Bows

    School uniform hair accessories are one of those products that parents want, but have a real trouble finding at the

    right price,
    in the right place,
    at the right time.

    Optional uniform items leverage existing activities that are happening at school (like the Uniform Shop or uniform requirements) and provide a new avenue for earning, or a companion sale.

    Australian Supplier: School Ponytails

    The School Ponytails online store was developed from a need for affordable, high quality products, in styles that were school appropriate (move over JoJo!).

    They needed to be in stock and ready to ship, and in the right uniform colours.

    Related: School Principal: Ban JoJo Bows at my School 

    Fundraise with Bows

    The online store also provides an avenue for school fundraising. Parents simply click through their school's logo to shop, and the school earns 25% from the purchases.



    Stocking in your Uniform Shop or purchasing at wholesale is simple to organise.

    Products are priced, and presented ready for sale. Spinner displays are easy to order; here's an example of some of the most popular ones: 


    Send 25% back to your school


    To limit the workload on the schools' volunteer network, you'll find the School Uniform Shop + P&C Facebook Group. In it, you'll find marketing materials, retail advice, and a community of like-minded P&C and Sports Club representatives.

    There's promotional posts and 'how-to' info for all of the major school events, like:

    1. Back to School

    2. School Photo Day

    3. Sports Carnival

    4. Colour Run

    5. Kindy Orientation Day

    6. Book Week

    7. Colour theme days, and so much more.


    Let's get started!

    Add School Ponytails to your next Committee Meeting agenda, and don't forget to:
    1. Request an Info Pack
    2. Join us on Facebook

    If you love this idea, Pin it, Save it, or Share it!

    - Nicola @ School Ponytails

    Australia's most affordable, high quality school uniform hair accessories, and Sports Carnival products
    School Ponytails - Fast shipping - affordable - long lasting
    Sports Day Shop - team coloured products for girls and boys
    Join our Facebook Group for school uniform shop coordinators and school P&C, P&F


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    • Charlie on

      Hi just wondering about the fundraising options. We are a largish primary state school in Queensland. Could you give us some examples of how much other schools are raising with your help? Thanks Charlie

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