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The Easiest Way To Fundraise At School

fundraising P&C

School fundraising idea

School fundraisers are notorious for being hard work.

For one: you need volunteers.

And two: they usually end up being a lot more work than they really need to be.

The thing is: they're time-consuming, and often cost a lot more than the profits they make, which goes against everything they (surely) set out to be.

There's some pretty obvious problems with school fundraisers or events:

  • The perceived needs of the school/P&C don't always match up with the abilities (and flexibility) of the parents (i.e. the volunteers).
  • This then means that the P&C's mission for the year falls in to the hands of a select few, and it all becomes just too hard. AARGH!

There has to be an easier way to achieve the P&C's fundraising goal?! Put simply: there is! 

It's a no-brainer, super simple, "hardly-need-to-lift-a-finger" fundraising option.

No: we're not kidding!

School uniform hair accessories are one of those products that parents want, but have a real trouble finding at the right price, in the right place, at the right time.

School Ponytails came about because of a need to find great products, in styles that were school appropriate (move over JoJo!), that were in stock, and in the right colours.

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School Ponytails' School Kits include all the basics, in plain or combo colours

From there, we set about making sure that parents could buy direct AND we could supply schools with our quality products and designs.

We made sure we could return a profit to the school, with very little effort on their behalf to make it happen.

Our aim for 2018 is to keep things simple for schools, limit the out of pocket expenses, and support Uniform Shops and P&Cs across Australia. 


The School Ponytails solution:

By far the simplest option is to schedule your fundraising in to each term. By offering 2 methods to purchase (online orders AND a printable order form), parents can shop at home once per term, and send a huge 25% profit back to their P&C.

We're actually making the life of your parents EASIER by providing a door-to-door solution!

What happens:

  1. Order period opens ~ week 6: parents use a code online, or fill in a printed order form.
  2. Order period closes ~ week 8.
  3. Orders are filled at our warehouse.
  4. Orders are delivered back to school, labelled and ready to go during week 10. They are distributed via the school's preferred method.

Pretty simple, right?

Parents can order online with a code

This happens once per term, coinciding with major events like:

  1. Back to School

  2. School Photo Day

  3. Sports Carnival

  4. Kindy Orientation Day

It all seems pretty simple, and that's because IT IS! Our most successful schools are also  sending out a uniform order form at the same time, encouraging sales directly through the Uniform Shop.


Let's get started!

  1. Say "yes!"
  2. Confirm the dates we've supplied are suitable for the school's calendar
  3. Pop the supplied graphics in your newsletter, on your Facebook page, and in your school apps (as appropriate).
  4. Remind parents to get their orders in by popping up a Facebook post/other note.
  5. Print (in colour) and distribute Order Forms, collect the completed Order Forms, and distribute orders to the classroom.

You can see from a quick look at the School Ponytails website that there are a growing number of schools joining in on this simple fundraising concept, either through choosing to stock inside their uniform shop, or through product fundraisers like this really simple option.

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If you think your school would be interested in making some easy money, tag them! Email them! Share away! We can get this plan put in to action for you quickly, and get you raising funds for your school in a way that supports your uniform policy too! And we promise: no parent volunteers will be inconvenienced throughout this process.

Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where we'll continue to add more like this. You can even email this page to a friend.

Will this work in your school? Tell us in the comments!

Nicola - School Ponytails

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Nicola is the founder of "School Ponytails" and "Ponytails and Fairytales" and loves creating brands for kids to love, and schools to be proud of. School Ponytails is home to Australia's own custom hair accessories fundraiser. Ponytails and Fairytales is Australia's most magical and glittery hair accessories and jewellery range for little girls. Find out more about the story behind the brands here.



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  • Charlie on

    Hi just wondering about the fundraising options. We are a largish primary state school in Queensland. Could you give us some examples of how much other schools are raising with your help? Thanks Charlie

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