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Footprintz Dance Academy Redcliffe (WA)

Just click on your favourite colour below to shop our full range of dance hair accessories.

There'sĀ gorgeous Bun Wraps that fit perfectly around bun donuts (and hide the flyaways!), pretty bows, and so much more.

You may spy some pretty cute gifts, and even something for your school day!

As always, please refer to the Footprintz newsletter +/or website for up-to-date details on the uniform policy. Occasionally, Miss Jen will offer FREE delivery to your Footprintz class. Check with her newsletter for the next date, then select "Deliver to my school" as your shipping preference. Don't forget to tell us your name, class ID, and school name in the Cart! We're shipping daily, so if you just can't wait to get your goodies, shipping starts from $3.