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About us

 Nicola Hudson and Nick Noble of School Ponytails

Nicola Hudson and Nick Noble of School Ponytails + Ponytails and Fairytales

Welcome to School Ponytails + Ponytails and Fairytales

This tale is actually a bit of a fairytale in itself.

I'm Nicola. I'm a FIFO wife, and mother of 2 girls. I love a (big) cup of tea (or 2). I'm the face behind the brand - the one you've probably spoken to, and in the least, it's my dreams that you've seen laid in front of you every time you've clicked on this website.

I've always been the girl that had ideas, and often solutions. I spent years working with business owners walking them through how to manage and grow their retail businesses. Through it all, I knew that one day I would wrangle my work experiences and skills to create something that was uniquely my own. 

The day that I finished University, my Dad (Nick) said to me, "So... what sort of business should we start?". I thought it was a great - somewhat crazy - idea, but was too young to think about such a grand plan, but always thought that maybe one day, this plan would work out.

Some years later, I was on maternity leave from my professional role, and realised I didn't WANT to have to manage a 2+ hour commute and 38+ hour week with 2 little kids.

I dabbled in a crazy little concept that "just might BE something", and a few months later, I decided it was time to speak to my Dad to get his thoughts on whether I possibly had the beginnings of something unique.

From that discussion, he decided that he would come out of retirement and we would begin our journey together in our own family-run business!

Now I don't think that the man who had been CEO of Australia's largest independent aerospace-grade advanced composite manufacturer, known for his love of golf and business prowess, would have EVER imagined that he would become the man behind the "school bow shop"... but here he is... and here we are - finally doing something together! 

Nick Noble - School Ponytails

Nick Noble, Owner of School Ponytails

Where did it all start?

Why we started Ponytails And Fairytales

From there, the questions started up:

The tale behind Ponytails and Fairytales

From here, School Ponytails was born. 

 Nicola Hudson of School Ponytails + Ponytails and Fairytales

Nicola Hudson, Owner + Founder of School Ponytails + Ponytails and Fairytales

Our brands

Ponytails and Fairytales 

We scour the globe sourcing the most magical and glittery hair accessories and jewellery to provide a unique, extremely cute product range for little girls. 

We're forever on the look-out for unicorn, mermaid, fairy, and princess styles to keep our girls' imaginations bright, and ideas sparking! As well as sourcing and manufacturing gorgeous bows and clips, we also locally design and hand-make a number of items.

Our online store has been trading since late 2016 at

School Ponytails 

School Ponytails is the brand behind Fundraising with Bows ( We manufacture custom school uniform hair accessories and event products, that are sold online through as well as through school uniform shops and P&C's around the country.  

With the core aim of helping schools, clubs, and community groups fundraise through a range of uniform extras that are sought after by school kids and their parents, we can help our kids and their schools in a very practical way.  


This is the story of us and our business that grew from a tiny little idea, and became our world.

Nowadays, we spend most of our time supporting volunteers in schools, clubs, or community groups - usually P&C or Uniform Shop members - to maximise their fundraising profits.

Every word you read, every product you see, it's all generated by us. We're a humble family business, with a big business mindset. And we sincerely thank you for your support and encouragement. We'd love to hear from you, even if it's just to say "Hi". It's as easy as clicking on our Messenger button. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Nicola, Nick, and the team x

Ponytails and Fairytales + School Ponytails