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Term One Fundraising Orders

Terms & Conditions

  • Participating schools' P&Cs will receive 25% of sales value in the form of bank transfer.
  • P&C are responsible for providing accurate bank account details to School Ponytails in order to receive their fundraising profits. 
  • Parents MUST use a code in the cart for the sale to qualify for the P&C profit share. This code has been provided to our school contact. 
  • Promotion:
    • Schools can share the emailed link which sends the code direct to the cart.
    • Schools can post the supplied materials and text on Facebook/apps/newsletters/etc.
  • Orders open: Specified by school; suggest Week 6 
  • Orders close: Specified by school; suggest Week 8
  • Delivery date: set by school; generally coincides with the school open day (for uniform collection, class lists, book lists). 
  • Also applicable to online sales where the customer adds code to the cart, and a note to seller stating what school they are from, child's name and Class ID. 

    Schools: you can send your confirmation below using subject "Term One Fundraiser".