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Uniform Shop Stockist

Being a Uniform Shop stockist returns 25% to your school.


  1. Colour match your uniform and faction colours.
  2. Choose your styles: will you also select faction colours and carnival products?
  3. Supply us with your logo.
  4. Inform us of your order quantities and receive an invoice.
  5. Pay your deposit.
  6. Promote your fundraising efforts in your newsletter and/or Facebook page and/or around school.


We manufacture your order, and notify you when your complete stand is ready for sale! (Final payment is then required).

We supply you with:

  • All stock, ready for sale! Here is a display that's ready to go to a local school:
A display ready to go our to one of our schools!
  • Price labelled stock, for ease of sale.
  • A FREE stand (which remains the property of Ponytails and Fairytales).
  • A professionally laid out display.
  • Signage and other marketing materials (see samples):
Ponytails and Fairytales School Uniform Hair Accessories Fundraising Idea
Ponytails and Fairytales Western Australia WA School Uniform Hair Accessories in your colours to suit your dress coed
  • Customised range of hair accessories and/or carnival products, matched to your uniform policy.

We also will provide an avenue for online sales.

We will dedicate a page on our website to your school's range. 

This is ideal for working families that can't attend the Uniform Shop within the opening hours, or those that prefer to pay by Visa/Mastercard, PayPal or AfterPay. 

A downloadable order form link is included to make it easy for parents to opt to bring their order in to school, and have their order filled by the uniform shop!

    Stocking in the Uniform Shop returns 25% of the sales value back to your school!

    Time Frame:

    We can typically supply you with a fully customised range within 1-5 weeks, depending on the colours and styles. 


    • 25% goes back to the school in fundraising from the Uniform Shop.
    • BONUS: end of semester rebate is payable on your total purchases for the semester.
    • High exposure: the greatest profits will be returned to your school when you display on the counter in your Uniform Shop.
    • Easy add-on sale in the Uniform Shop.
    • "Set and Forget": this fundraising idea is great, because once you have agreed to colours and styles, the rest is taken care of for you! So long as someone is nominated to handle the top-up orders, there is little else for you to do!


    • Schools need to pay for their hair accessories upfront, as they would with other uniform suppliers.


    What our schools are saying:

    "We introduced hair accessories from Ponytails and Fairytales at the beginning of the year and have been totally overwhelmed with the customer service, quality, variety, competitive pricing and response from our customers. The success of these sales will directly increase the profits for our P&C and benefit our students."

    Comet Bay Primary School, Secret Harbour

    View the Event Ordering process for an alternate fundraising idea, or for targetting occasional events, like Back to School, School Photo Day, and your Sports Carnivals.

    Contact us for further details.