How I Turned A Simple Idea in to a 6 Figure Business

How I Turned A Simple Idea in to a 6 Figure Business

I've recently been featured on the Mums with Hustle Podcast, which was something I'd had as a business goal for this year. 



In it, I talk about how I grew Ponytails and Fairytales from an idea and "what if" through to smashing revenue goals year on year to create my dream life, and my dream business.

In the beginning, I was a mum of two little girls, and I was on maternity leave. I was juggling "FIFO wife" life and pondering how I could ever manage to return to my career. 

When my eldest was starting school, and I needed bows to match her uniform, the lack of choice and value got me thinking. I had some bows made, then all of a sudden, friends started asking me to arrange orders for them too.

I started developing the online store in 2016, and by 2017, I was filling online orders, I had a growing list of stockists, and was further developing my award-winning "Fundraise with Bows" program.

Nowadays, we have a warehouse filled to the brim with bows, employ local mums, and fill thousands of orders and supply hundreds of schools and sports clubs each year!

 Nicola Hudson | Ponytails and Fairytales

In this podcast episode, Tracey picks my brain on:

  • the different mindset issues and challenges that popped up as I grew and tripled my revenue
  • how an average working day looks (cos let’s be honest, it’s a juggle to have your own business alongside looking after the household and your children)
  • and the importance of understanding (and getting through) the founding stages / early days in business.

Some of the tips and details I share include:

  • The value in planning your Ideal Week, and knowing your purpose
  • Don't faff!
  • Keeping track
  • Progress over perfection
  • Identifying cycles, and advancing your business year on year
  • The impact of Covid-19 on business 

If you want to hear more about my business and how I grew it, you can listen to the podcast or read the show notes here. You'll also find out more about me here. 

Resources we mention

Control Freak Planners for Ideal Week planning and general "getting your life under control" on paper

Social Method Society the perfect place for support and training for mums in business 

 Nicola Hudson | Ponytails and Fairytales

If you'd like to know something else, hit me up in the comments below, or by email

- Nicola

Last updated May 2023

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