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Become a Uniform Shop Stockist

Leverage Your Existing Activities To Maximise Profits

School bows IMPROVE THE PROFITABLITY of your Uniform Shop service by
CAPITALISING on direct sales. 

These sales are already going through your existing service at school (that's the Uniform Shop, Canteen, or OSH),
so let us help you make the  most out of each sale!

It's no surprise: I'm a huge fan of perfectly matched school uniforms. 

In fact, it was my own daughter's need for a very specific colour of bow that gave me the idea for School Ponytails.

After manufacturing a small amount for my daughter and her friends, it dawned on me that every school in Australia should be able to supply students with co-ordinating accessories. If they couldn't have them on hand in their Uniform Shop, there was a huge potential for the school's P&C to fundraise with bows! 

My primary aims were to ensure the products were of a high quality, so that schools would be proud to support us. I also needed to keep the retail prices affordable, so we were an option for parents.

I had to do whatever I could to maximise the profits for schools, and minimise the effort put on their volunteer community nationally.

We've gone on to become Australia's best choice for school uniform and sports accessories, and proudly supply schools and parents nationwide through our online store and in a wholesale capacity. We deliver on these goals every day, whether it's to a school, sports club, or community group.

- Nicola, founder and owner of School Ponytails + Ponytails and Fairytales 

your school earns 25% from every product sold

1. Choose Your Colours

from our huge range of in-stock colours and styles.

If you can't find your colours, we can customise from our range of 190 ribbon shades.

2. choose your styles

By adding a stand to your Uniform Shop or Admin Office, you're maximising the potential for your fundraising profits.

Some of our most successful stockist schools even have stands in the Uniform Shop AND the Admin Office!

Our Spinner Displays are created to suit your available space and range requirements, and are fully customisable (or you can trust us on the best sellers!).

3. ready for sale

School Ponytails products arrive ready for sale:

• Priced
• Labelled
• Price List
• Printable Order Forms
• FREE Chrome Spinner Display
• FREE Delivery to School


We'll ship your stockist order to school once per term for FREE.

Top-ups are easy when you go through your Wholesale Account, or just send us an email or call with the details!

Unlike other suppliers, the minimum order quantity is only 10 units, which is very achievable.


Capture sales from Online AND your Uniform Shop - and earn 25% from each!

How? We'll create a page on our website that's just for YOUR school, and provide a shoppable link for parents to purchase through.

At the end of term, we tally the online sales and send back 25%!


We're also known as Australia's One-Stop-Shop for Sports Day!

We're in-stock on House / Faction coloured items, like zinc, pom poms, hair spray, kids’ sunglasses, sweatbands and some great rainbow options for your Colour Run!

We utilise the opportunities from all of the major school events (think about Photo Day, Kindy Orientation, and Back to School too!) and encourage parents to Pre-Order Online (or on Order Forms).

The benefit here: there's NO out-of-pocket expense to your school or P&C!!


"We introduced hair accessories from School Ponytails at the beginning of the year and have been totally overwhelmed with the customer service, quality, variety, competitive pricing and response from our customers.

The success of these sales will directly increase the profits for our P&C and benefit our students."

Uniform Shop Manager

STOCKIST SCHOOL - Comet Bay Primary School (WA)


I am so pleased with the bows I ordered for my daughter to match her school uniform.

Absolutely amazing quality; the best I have found."

Shana (QLD)


"Just wanted to say a big THANKS for the recent delivery.
It was perfect...

We have had some fabulous feedback from people who have ordered via the website. They have been really impressed with the speed and product quality.

Thanks heaps."

P&C Representative

FUNDRAISING SCHOOL - Mount Evelyn Primary School (VIC)


School Ponytails has proudly sponsored WACSSO in 2017 and 2018.


Western Australian Council of State School Organisations

School Ponytails has proudly sponsored P&C QLD in 2018.


P&Cs Queensland / State Schools

School Ponytails can be found listed in the Fundraising Directory in 2018 and 2019.

Fundraising Directory

Fundraising Whisperer / Fundraising Directory

our guarantee

When you work with School Ponytails, you're working with a registered company, that's fully insured. Our Distribution Centre is located in Western Australia and ships nationally, daily.

If there's ever a faulty product in your delivery, we guarantee we'll make it right! It doesn't happen often, but we always fix it!

There is never a locked in contract with School Ponytails.
We want to keep the lives of your volunteers as simple as possible. Our fundraisers are simple, and don't need to be over-complicated 

Please just email if you ever have a question.


this is for your school if:


Uniforms unify and help to build the reputation of your school. They foster a sense of identity.

The classic and perfect finishing touch is a uniform bow: in your exact colours. 


School bows are the perfect companion product to your uniform items, and are a surprisingly simple add-on sale. 

For stockists, we price and label everything, and give you the materials to display the bows properly. We also supply marketing materials, to help promote your bows.


It's easy to talk about the importance of your uniform policy, and encourage the "not-quite-right" stuff to become weekend-wear if you're offering the right alternatives to parents.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to your most common questions can be found here. Still got a question?

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How much is shipping?
We don't have a Uniform Shop. Will a School Ponytails fundraiser work for us?
We're a P&F, and/or our parents pay a fundraising levy, so fundraising isn't for us. Will School Ponytails work for us?
We're all volunteers. How much effort will we need to put in?

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