Quick Reference Guide for Fundraising and Wholesale Customers

Ways to Shop

  1. Fundraising links send 20%* back to your organisation after the end of term. You will be emailed with details of your fundraising earnings after the school holidays. Shipping charges are automated, and visible in the checkout.
  2. Wholesale access discounts your purchases by 25%. Shipping fees apply.
  3. Retail buyers (people shopping our online store) may get access to 'bulk buy' and shipping discounts, however your wholesale pricing is better, so please don't forget to log in first!
  4. In most cases, discounts and fundraising codes can not combine.
  5. For more information, see the Fundraising Guide.

To share your fundraiser with your community:

The link/code you share with your community if your FUNDRAISING LINK. It is emailed to you upon set-up. We supply:

  1. Fundraising Link
  2. Co-ordinating QR code
  3. Fundraising Code

These all activate the fundraiser. and/or direct your community to the link address. Your fundraise with bows registration provides ongoing access.

There is "magic" contained in the fundraising link format, so please only share the link that is emailed to you. It will look similar to this:



The pictured QR code (2) matches the link (1): https://www.ponytailsandfairytales.com.au/discount/CAPEL%2520PS?redirect=%2Fcollections%2Fcapel-primary-school-capel-wa-6271

Entering the fundraising code (3) CAPEL PS into the fundraising code box in the checkout will also activate the fundraiser.

To purchase products for sale at your organisation, at wholesale pricing:

  1. Log into your wholesale account: https://www.ponytailsandfairytales.com.au/pages/wholesale-order-form-australia
  2. Head to your Quick Order Form (search for your organisation in the top left corner): https://www.ponytailsandfairytales.com.au/apps/shop
  3. If you aren't seeing discounted prices, get in touch with us to ensure your pricing is activated.

Save these links for future access.

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