Your school is registered to earn 20% from today's purchase of school uniform and sports house / faction colours on this page, as well as the rest of our store*.

As always, please refer to the school's website and documentation for up-to-date details on the uniform policy.

*To maintain the integrity of our fundraising program, fundraising codes are NOT valid with any other discount code. T&Cs apply.

Collection: Mother Teresa Catholic College, Baldivis WA 6172

  •  At the Checkout, be sure that your Fundraising Code is in the boxMTCC
  • Your Summer Uniform Colours: Royal Blue and White
  • Your Winter Uniform Colours: Royal Blue and Navy
  • Your House/Faction Colours: Purple, Orange, Green Turquoise

Leadership have approved the following styles for school hours:

  • CLIPS: Big Bows, Tuxedo Bows, No Clip Bow Clips, Layered Bows, Two Tone Bows, Bun Wrap (plain colours only).
  • HAIR TIES: Double Layered Bow, Swallowtail Bow, Ponytail Bow, Hair Elastics.
  • HEADBANDS: Headband with Bowtie, Headband with Tuxedo Bow, Mix and Match Headband (plain colours only).
  • FACTION FRIDAYS: Hair accessories in your faction colours only - please save the event items for your big events, like Sports Day!

To shop, select a colour below to view styles: