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Stockist Counter Display: Large Spinner

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Sell School Bows in your Uniform Shop

Free Delivery Australia-Wide | Free Chrome Counter Display | Profit To Your School = $201*

Everything is taken care of for you when you choose a School Ponytails hair accessories display.

You earn a huge 25% across the range, and all products arrive ticketted, priced, and ready to display in your Uniform Shop, Administration Office, or at your next Market event.

Our large display holds 15-20 styles, and features some of our most popular lines for school in single or two tone colours. Simply choose whether you would like 1 or 2 ribbon colours.

Your Complete Package (as pictured) comes with:



We’ll add a page to our website specifically for your school, so parents can shop our full range online at a time.

There’s no out of pocket expense to your school as parents are paying with Cards, PayPal, or AfterPay online.

We’ll send 25% back to your school from these sales at the end of term.


We provide the newsletter and Facebook posts, graphics, and other marketing materials to save the time and energy required from your volunteers. Just click to share, or copy and paste Newsletter copy direct from our Facebook Group

25% Profit

*Purchase your spinner today, and you'll earn a huge 25% (that's $201.25) from the sale of your school's uniform bows.

Purchase price = $630

Sale price (as ticketted) = $840

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P&C Meeting Info Pack

If you'd like us to email you information to take to your P&C/P&F/Committee, please get in touch.

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